The golden age

The golden age

Once upon a time, about the 12 and the the hart of Medieval Tuscany, Siena was a city of proud people where banking was an art and Siena manifested its prosperity through the Arts and architecture. Proud bankers graciously supported their town.
This is a classical city walk along picturesque and cobblestoned narrow twisted medieval streets with fortified houses where we can discover the spirit of the glorious past.

Inside the Cathedral dedicated to the Virgin Mary we will meet up with some of the most important Italian artists like the sculptors Niccola Pisano and Donatello, the painters – Duccio and Pinturicchio, and many others with their enchanting works of art and the unique marble pavement judged by Vasari ” The most beautiful…great and magnificent pavement ever made”. But the religious history of the city is obviously connected with the political and urban history, represented by the City Hall, Palazzo Pubblico. There we can find marvellous frescoes by Duccio, Simone Martini, Ambroggio Lorenzetti and various other works by sienise painters, representing the development of the world famous Sienese Painting School. The ‘square’ piazza del Campo is most refined example in Italy not only because of its architectural marvel, but also because of the famous horse race the Palio. Every year the city experience the emotions and the atmosphere of the traditional competition. The hugely popular event is attended by large crowds and bring together all the districts(Contrade) in competition for the trophy.


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