Special Tours

a different approach and point of views to visit Florence, Siena and Tuscany

Love and contradictions

This tour is with a different point of view. A different focus on florentine history and art. Do you know that in the 15c in the city of Florence artists were not allowed to use male models because of the customs there. And what do you think about the beauty of another David, the Donatello’s one? The legend of Ganymede in art reminds us once again about the homosexual love. We will try to give a different interpretation of the renaissance ideal of beauty and art and we will try to imagine life and love in 15 century Florence. Gay friendly. Share                                  ... read more

Soccer (football) tour

Do you love soccer? Do you remember Antognoni, Massaro, Battistuta? Do you know Mario Gomez, Borja Valero, Giuseppe Rossi? The purple is the colour of the Florence soccer club – ”ACF Fiorentina” It is known by the nickname ”Viola”. The club was founded in 1926 and the stadium ”stadio Artemio Franchi” is a double monument for its architecture and for the emotions of the fans for the two victories of the Italian Championship, the six Coppa Italia trophies, one italian Super Cup….and if you are lucky during our visit the stadium might be opened specially for you. So, we will pass the ‘tunel’ and go out in the field. If you love soccer as I do, as all italians do, we will also visit the soccer museum, dedicated to the victories and memories of the national team of Italy. We will see copies of the trophy Jules Rimet and of the world cup trophies, the first t-shirts and balls. We will remember passions and matches and if you are lucky may be we may see Antognoni and other Italian Champions. Share                                  ... read more

Artists for a day in the open air (En plein air)

You don’t have to be painters to take home your own work of art. All you need is a canvas, an easel, some oil colours and a professional artist to lead you in this amazing experience. I will provide you all materials needed and I will be your artistic guide. I specialize in Art History and pictorial technique. A city scape of a florentine piazza, or a view of Florence from the rose garden? We will decide together. We will talk not just about history, art and Renaissance. We will also talk about oil technique, colours, styles, tendencies, about the movement of Macchiaioli, italian painters, active in Tuscany who did much of their paintings outdoors or ”en plein air” as we will be doing together now. In the morning we will arange our plein air workshop and we will begin our painting session. At noon we will take a light florentine lunch in a small typical ‘trattoria’. After this short break we will continue with the work. At the end we will take photos of your paintings which will be displayed in our Christmas art competition. You will be voting for ”The best landscape of The Year” and the winner will receive a bottle of very special Chianti wine. Cheers! Share                                  ... read more

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