Proposal Tour for Siena

Palio Tour

Dedicated to the Palio horse race, one of the most famous horse race in the world, run in the main square, piazza del Campo. The first evidence of the Palio dates back to 1238, but it is even older than that. The 17 contrade districts are city neighbourhoods. A kind of little States inside the city, they take part twice a year – on 2 July and 16 August in the Palio. Every contrada (district) has its own rules and church. In the local Contrade museum, the trophies won over the years can be seen together with other works of art. Fantastic history of victories and rivalries, the Palio is still the heart of the city. Share                                  ... read more

Mysterious Siena

This tour is a medieval walk guided by ghosts, saints and witches whispering their stories connected to the medieval soul of the city. The tour continue with the ancient rivalry between Siena and Florence and other various sienese political and historical events. Our walk along the narrow twisted streets with 12c towers and urban castles is inspired by the existence of many documents, preserved in the archives of the Republic of Siena and supported by many different legends. It will be accompanied also by mysterious sculptures and architectural decorations, signs and poetries, gravestones and of course with a wonderfully mysterious sunset. Share                                  ... read more

The colour of the faith

Another tour dedicated to the Sienese painting school, enchanting views and landscapes, seen from the piazza of the churches of the Monastic Orders. The Basilica of Saint Dominique, the Basilica of Saint Francis and the Basilica Santa Maria dei Servi offer to the curious traveller the painted history and soul of the city. The list of artists and masterpieces wood be a very long, so I invite you to enjoy the delightful poetry of... read more

The Sienese Pinacotheque

This tour is about paintings, about the mane role of paintings into the life of this wonderful city. About monastic orders and aristocratic families, who commissioned paintings, about a society which main expression was the Art. The artists nowadays still use the colour called burnt siena deriving from the sienese soil and used by Duccio, Simone Martini, Lorenzetti brothers, representing the Gothic dream, Taddeo di Bartolo, who who introduced to the world the sienese way of painting, Stefano di Giovanni, known as Sassetta and his 15 century colleagues Francesco di Giorgio Martini, Matteo di Giovanni, the 16 century represented by the follower of Leonardo da Vinci, Sodoma and the master of colours and composition Domenico Beccafumi. A very long list of painters!!!! Their works of art are preserved in the sienese Gallery called... read more

Francigena route inside Siena

The Via Francigena route, the route of the franks, hit by merchants and pilgrims, the route connecting Northern Europe with Rome. At the end of 10th century the Abbot of Canterbury describes the road in his travel diaries. Walking along Via Francigena can be defined as another way to travel, another kind of tourism. This tour to discover the ancient road and attracts not only who is fond of art and history but even who is travelling for passion or just for fun. This tour is a different way to discover medieval Siena through fortified houses, knights templars and fountains. You could not believe, but the knights templars were the administrators of tourism at the time. They organised hotels, Patrons Saints and all the rest. With a glance to the medieval ‘five stars hotel’, hospice for pilgrims and travellers, where kings and monks, popes and mendicants stopped and were cared for. In the Hospital of Santa Maria della Scala, built in 822, we will meet his 11 centuries history the secrets of it’s frescoes, the treasures of art and hidden religious brotherhoods. The Hospital of Santa Maria della Scala is situated in the religious hart of the city together with the Cathedral and the so called Duomo Nuovo (New Cathedral), the most ambitious, but never completed architectural project testifying of the golden age of the Sienese history. We will finish our tour in another basilica, Santa Maria dei Servi, last stop of medieval tourists before... read more

The golden age

Once upon a time, about the 12 and the the hart of Medieval Tuscany, Siena was a city of proud people where banking was an art and Siena manifested its prosperity through the Arts and architecture. Proud bankers graciously supported their town. This is a classical city walk along picturesque and cobblestoned narrow twisted medieval streets with fortified houses where we can discover the spirit of the glorious past. Inside the Cathedral dedicated to the Virgin Mary we will meet up with some of the most important Italian artists like the sculptors Niccola Pisano and Donatello, the painters – Duccio and Pinturicchio, and many others with their enchanting works of art and the unique marble pavement judged by Vasari ” The most beautiful…great and magnificent pavement ever made”. But the religious history of the city is obviously connected with the political and urban history, represented by the City Hall, Palazzo Pubblico. There we can find marvellous frescoes by Duccio, Simone Martini, Ambroggio Lorenzetti and various other works by sienise painters, representing the development of the world famous Sienese Painting School. The ‘square’ piazza del Campo is most refined example in Italy not only because of its architectural marvel, but also because of the famous horse race the Palio. Every year the city experience the emotions and the atmosphere of the traditional competition. The hugely popular event is attended by large crowds and bring together all the districts(Contrade) in competition for the trophy. Share                                                  ... read more

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