Proposal Tour for Florence

Why the Renaissance had started in Florence? Who made this flight of the human mind and spirit come true? Who sponsored it? А heresy, or an utopian dream

The wonderful history of the Renaissance seen through the frescoes

This tour is about history, customs, traditions and public figures in Florence during its golden age. Florentine churches have treasures inside. But I don’t mean gold, diamonds and pearls. I mean frescoes, explaining the painted history of the Renaissance. Santa Croce, Santa Maria Novella, Santa Trinita, S. Maria del Carmine and San Marco hide masterpieces by a series of important painters from 13c to 18c. Let’s start with Giotto who had the ability to “translate” abstract religious concepts into realistic images and painted figures into human beings, than came his pupils led by Masaccio, the painter who we can say “speeded up” the development of the Renaissance. Domenico de Ghirlandaio, the chronicler of the society of the 15c; Beato Angelico, a renaissance monk: Botticelli and his teacher Filippo Lippi, also monk, but an unruly one….The portraits of very important florentines and self-portraits of the artists: views of 15c Florence, luxury jewels, brocades, and silks, hairstyle and lifestyle, superstitions, renaissance optimism and humanism are the soul of these frescoes. We will also talk about taxes applied to luxury goods, about money and business, industry, and of course banking of which Florence specialized in. The list of artists and works of art is very long, but we will try to catch the essence and to admire art as the expression of a society. Meanwhile an ice cream is not to be missed. Do you know that ice cream was invented by one of the house architects of the Medicis? I will give you the original recipe. How did they freeze it? I will tell you. Share          ... read more

From Brunelleschi to Michelangelo

In the begining of the 15c in Florence there was a man obsessed by the past, a man who used round arches and the classical order of architecture, something that had’nt been used in over a thousand years, a man who would resurrect the forgotten secrets of the past. His name was Brunelleschi, the rational genius, the engineer of the Florentine Renaissance. I would like to dedicate a whole day to this tour about Renaissance from its beginning to the Michelangelo’s high lights, about aesthetic and philosophy in a precise historical context. From the beginning in the piazza SS. Annunziata with the very new styled hospice Spedale degli Innocenti by Brunelleschi, the Pazzi’s family chapel in the Santa Croce basilica and the Casa Buonarotti, the museum with early Michelangelo’ s works Madonna of the stairs and the Battle of Centaurs. Than we will move to the building site of the dome of the Cathedral to accompany the young architect in the the construction of the largest dome ever built. I propose a light lunch in the shadow of the dome and than we will continue to the synthesis of renaissance architecture, represented by the church of San Lorenzo, fruit of the design of both geniuses. The church itself designed by Brunelleschi and the Laurentian Library and the Medici Chapels, by Michelangelo. The great architect and sculptor who created a dramatic space where architecture and sculpture are connected as a living organism (Day, Night, Dusk, Dawn).You can’t miss the Michelangelo’s museum Academy Gallery where the original David is preserved, together with the Captives. If you are not very tired I... read more

Michelangelo Tour

He didn’t need full size plaster, or clay models, he believed that God put figures into the marble and the sculptor has just to reveal them…. This tour is about the personality and the aesthetic of the genius Michelangelo and his masterpieces. The Accademia Gallery is the place where we can feel the marble dust of his inspiration working on David, the sculptures of The Captives, Saint Matthew, Pieta di Palestrina… With the echo of the hits of his hammer we will discover the ”Tragedy of the tomb” and we will admire David, the only one statue which changes expression. Do you know how to choose the best marble? I will tell you the secret of the great Maestro. Than we will go to the S. Lorenzo Basilica to meet him as an architect in the Library Laurenziana and to meet the marvellous Day and Night, Down and Dusk, the statues in the Cappelle Medicee behind the church. In the New Sacresty we will try to imagine the silence of this sacred place and to feel the genial spirit of Michelangelo in a synthesis of renaissance philosophy and aesthetic. We can see one of the last Pieta carved by Michelangelo in the Museum of the Cathedral and walking the Michelangelo’s Florence we will go to the Santa Croce Basilica, where the allegories of Sculpture, Architecture and Painting watch over his tomb. Share                                                         ... read more

Medici Tour

The history of this family is a story about power and glory, plots and murders, money, art, astrology and magnificence. In 1397 a man with a red cloak registered his private bank. He was Giovanni de Bici de Medici. He was not of noble birth but his family becomes the most important family, to rule Florence for about 3 centuries. You may have heard about Cosimo the Elder, Lorenzo the Magnificent and the duke Cosimo I. As the richest family at the time, the Medici would invest in The Arts and all things cultural establishing their name as the foremost ruling family in Florence at this time. Florence becomes a jewel of architecture, art, philosophy and culture and we will become witnesses to this Medici influence as we tour The Medici home, palazzo Medici Ricardi, the monastery of St. Mark (San Marco), their parish church San Lorenzo, rebuilt by Brunelleschi, the Michelangelo’s pearl, Cappelle Medicee (Medici tombs) and the Corridor of Vasari, connecting Uffizi with Palazzo Pitti. The Corridor of Vasari was the private street of the duke Cosimo I. We will also see the portrait of Laurence the Magnificent in the frescoes by Domenico Ghirlandaio in the church S.Trinita (the Holly Trinity). Share                                                         ... read more

Renaissance Florence

The most dangerous heresy which started probably as an adventure to discover the ancient culture and resonates through the centuries its name. Rinascimento! Renaissance! It was the age of Brunelleschi, Botticelli, Donatello, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo. It was an explosion of ideas, an intellectual dream during the marvellous age of Laurence the Magnificent. We will start in piazza SS. Annunziata, one of the most beautiful in Florence, where stands the first building by Brunelleschi, the hospice Spedale degli Innocenti or the Hospital of the Innocents. We will continue on to the church of San. Lorenzo, one of his masterpieces, where he worked together with a young sculptor. His name was Donatello, the poet, the expressive genius of the Renaissance. The story continuous on to the communal granary, or the church Orsanmichele where are displayed the statues of the patrons of the guilds into individual niches. One of this statues is St. George by Donatello. This statue marks a new era in European sculpture. We will meet another Renaissance architect in the Medici palace Palazzo Medici Riccardi, Michelozzo. He will lead us to the Baptistry to show us the funeral monument of Baltassare Cossa, the Pope pirate. His tomb is the fruit of the collaboration between Michelozzo and Donatello, who were in association in their workshop, which we will see of course outside shadowed by the dome of the Cathedral, Brunelleschi’s real masterpiece and symbol of Florence. I will try to recreate for you the Brunellesch’s prospective show. Than we will go to another important Palazzo, that of the Strozzi family to learn the story of the rival family of... read more

Early Florence

In 1252 the independent Republic of Florence started to mint golden coins and called them ”fiorino” and the show had begun…. This classical tour is a walk among the medieval streets of Florence to follow Dante’s foot steps and past the first public edifice called The Bargello, once home to a frightening dark prison. Now the Bargello is one of the world’s most famous sculptural museums. We will visit the Franciscan church of Santa Croce, which proudly holds the funeral monuments of some of the most famous Italians such as Michelangelo, Gallileo Gallilei, Rossini, Macchiavelli and many others. Walking through the middle ages we will arrive in the religious center of the city with the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, the Bell tower of Giotto and one of the early mysteries of Florence, the Baptistery. We will experience a moment of Paridise viewing Lorenzo Ghiberti’s wonderful Gates then visit one of the most famous bridges in the world, the Ponte Vecchio or Old Bridge.Once home to many butcher shops, it now houses a wonderful array of beautiful and exquisite jewelry shops; a shoppers paradise. Do you know that in the city of Florence lives a wild boare who makes your dreams come true? This bronze wild boar inspired one of Hans Christian Andersen more delightful fairy tales; “The Metal Pig”. We will caress his shiny nose and make a wish of a return to this wonderful city. Our tour will end in the political centre, Piazza della Signoria, an open air sculpture museum where stands the symbol of the ancient Florentine republic, the Palazzo Vecchio, or the city... read more

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