Accademia gallery

Accademia gallery

The gallery houses seven statues carved by Il Divino, the Divinest sculptor ever known. Michelangelo was often called il Divino in his lifetime. Ever since his spirit wanders in search of the perfect  shape and movement. The perfection is certainly represented by David. Can you believe that David changes expression? I’m not messing with you. He really does! Make the cold marble alive was one of Michelangelo’s purposes.

The Accademia Gallery is the place where we can feel the marble dust of his inspiration working on David, on the statues of the Captives, also called Prisons, on Saint Matthew and Pieta di Palestrina.  The background are paintings dating back to 15 and 16century. Through them you’ll learn about life in Renaissance Florence and we’ll talk about banks and money, golden coins and fashion seven hundred years ago. I’ll tell you some secrets about marble and some of the Michelangelo’s ones. I’ll tell you about marble in ancient Rome and in the Middle Ages, about propaganda and religion, about the papacy and about the Medici, the magnificent rulers of Florence.

If you love music you’ll be able to visit the collection of musical instruments of the Grand Prince Ferdinand. Some of them were decorated especially for the Medici house, others are very strange and amusing, but the masterpiece is a violin made by the world famous maestro Stradivari from Cremona  Stradivari.

This tour is with a skip the line entrance.

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