This is My Story

Hi everyone I am Ulisse The Florence tour guide!

I am a painter, an art historian and a painting restorer. I’ve studied art since I was 18; it is my biggest passion! My aim as a guide is to transmit that passion as much as possible. Not only to tell history but to imagine ourselves into that history. What I have to say, as my name suggests (Ulisse=Ulysses the ancient greek traveller) I have been travelling a lot and that has helped me to understand different cultures and now as a guide of Florence I think it is only fair to share the Tuscan uses and customs with my travellers. For me being an Official Florence Tour Guide is more than a job, it makes me feel happy and I think it is contagious for the people walking around the town with me. The biggest satisfaction is when I get people to love my city and to feel that they will always be able to to come back to this very special town through the beautiful memories I helped creating.

Florence is the perfect place for this kind of exercise, we can walk together and feel the history: imagine the first time when Dante met Beatrice on the exact same square, “fear” the narrow twisted streets as they wear feared by the medieval people, have an ice cream, Gelato, where the renaissance ladies used to spend their afternoons chatting about the most wanted lords.

What I am offering you is not just a guided tour but the full Florence experience.

See you soon in Florence!

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